Fiona Chapman
Polypropylene Jewellery


Exploration and experimentation have been key to my development as a jewellery maker. Naturally inquisitive and fascinated by materials and their properties, I am drawn to develop new ways of working with everyday materials.

Always fascinated by colour, after many years working first with enamel and then resin, I have spent the last two years developing my own technique for fusing polypropylene. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in stationery, bank notes, food packaging and many other every day applications and is widely recycled.

My polypropylene jewellery is inspired by geology and microscopic life. This new technique allows me to create paper-thin pieces, which are assembled at different angles to make three dimensional units. I enjoy working intuitively, with pieces evolving at the bench. Living and working on the west coast of Scotland, light, transparency and reflection have become increasingly important in my work.