Applications are invited for the first bursary from the Muriel Wilson Fund, closing date 4 January 2019.

A grant of up to £500 (being no more than 50% of the total costs) is available for travel with the purpose of research connected with contemporary jewellery.

All ACJ members may apply, whether you are a maker, or a non maker: curator, educator, collector or any other sort of member.
Writing an article for Findings is required, and the Panel is hoping for imaginative proposals which will result in interesting and informative articles.

To apply, please read the terms, then copy the tables below, provide the information requested and proof of costs,  and email these to our Administrator Haru Sakai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Terms and conditions:

Applications will be invited once a year. The deadline is Friday 4th January 2019, decisions will be made by 10th February.
ACJ members may apply for a grant of up to £500.00, being no more than 50% of their itinerary costs, for travel with the purpose of research.
This research must be connected with some aspect of contemporary jewellery.
Applications may not be made retrospectively: for this round of applications the voyage must start later than 10th February.

Within three months of return, submission of an article for Findings is required, on the research conducted, with suitable photographs or illustrations where possible.
20% of the bursary total will be retained until the article is submitted.
Maker and non-maker members are welcome to apply.
Funds will not be granted for participation in any craft show, trade show or similar.
No ACJ member may receive more than one grant from any ACJ source within three years.

The decisions reached by the Selection Panel are final and the panel will not be required to provide details of how they came to their decisions in awarding funds.
The panel will not be expected to enter into any correspondence with applicants, successful or otherwise.

Applicants must produce a justified budget in advance covering the costs of travel, accommodation and entrance, registration or similar fees, but not subsistence.
This budget must be supported by documents produced by third parties, which will normally be the organizers and travel companies.
Any further funding from other sources, being sought or already agreed, must be declared.

The bursary will be paid in £GBP to the successful applicant.



You may expand if needed. Please supply the info as a Word .doc, .docx or text file, NOT as a PDF or mac .pages  (If you have real problems formatting, then put all of the information in an email. A Word document is vastly preferred if possible.)

About you, the voyage, and the research
name & title  
postal address  


60 words max

Please describe your planned voyage – destination & dates (60 words max)



150 words max

Outline the planned research & its connection to the field of contemporary jewellery (150 words max)                  











Your Budget
Item Description Cost in £GBP              
Travel costs Airfare/ train / mileage @45p a mile / other  - specify here                                                   
Accommodation   Hotel/ hostel etc  
Entry fees eg Museum entry / registration / other  
Other costs specify for what  
  DEDUCT any grants from other sources  
  50% of this NET TOTAL  
  AMOUNT REQUESTED AS ACJ BURSARY (max 50% of costs, max £500)  
  ATTACH EVIDENCE OF COSTS eg  flight receipts, booking confirmations etc to your email