logo glasshouses webCall for entries for the ACJ 2020 members exhibition glasshouses

Online exhibition, & planned for the Vittoria Street Gallery, School of Jewellery, Birmingham, September & October

Applications by 17 July


Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed - Ghandi

The most pressing issue of our modern world is that of the climate emergency. With a continually increasing population, diminishing resources and the uncomfortable warming of the planet we call home, we must respond.



Through an exploration of materials, processes and/or concepts you are invited to submit work for the 2020 ACJ exhibition glasshouses. You may wish to consider themes such as growth, sustainability, fragility and transparency.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Vittoria Street Gallery at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, in September & October, if social distancing regulations permit.

There will be an online catalogue, but no printed version. Makers’ own photos may be used.

You can use any materials (except perishable materials), but we encourage you to incorporate sustainably sourced and recycled materials. The piece must be wearable body adornment.

ACJ’s usual high expectations of design and making will apply.


17 July         Deadline for applications
15 August    Selection announced
The physical exhibition will depend on distancing regulations and considerations in force at the School in September
14 Sept       Exhibition open, Monday – Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm (times tbc)
9 Oct           Final day of opening

Costs: application is free. Selected participants will pay £40, which includes return postage. If it's not possible to hold the physical exhibition, the fee will be £25.

The work: a coherent collection of 1 to 3 pieces as a closely related set.

Application: You will need good clear photos of finished work, on a plain white background. See the full Call & terms of application here

Deadline 17 July 2020