Malgorzata Rog Streams EdgeWe are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 ACJ College Prize scheme so far. Details of winners from other colleges to follow.


Image: Malgorzata Rog, Glasgow School of Art, Streams Edge




Now in its fourth year, the ACJ is delighted to announce the winners of the ACJ College Prize award scheme for 2021 so far. 

Each participating college awards the ACJ college prize to their chosen student at a time that fit best with their year end timetable. We will add details of each winner as and when they are available.

A big congratulations to the ACJ College Prize winners, who have each won a free years ACJ membership.

  • Malgorzata Rog - City of Glasgow College
  • Finlay Grant - University of Dundee
  • Lindsay Mahood - City of Glasgow College
  • Aiyi Zhang - Sheffield Hallam University
  • Amy Tyson - Plymouth College of Art


Malgorzata Rog Birth of the voice  Malgorzata Rog Forget Me Not  Malgorzata Rog Oceans Tree 
 Malgorzata Rog - Birth of the Voice Malgorzata Rog - Forget Me Not   Malgorzata Rog - Oceans Tree
Finlay Grant SPLASH3 brooches Finlay Grant Gallery 1 2 web Finlay Grant Gallery 3 5
Finlay Grant - Splash brooches Finlay Grant - Splash statement neckpiece Finlay Grant - Splash necklace
 lindsay mahhod 2 web  lindsay mahood 4 web  lindsay mahood 5 web
 Lindsay Mahood - necklace  Lindsay Mahood - earrings  Lindsay Mahood - chain
3.Zhang Aiyi 6.Zhang Aiyi 2.Zhang Aiyi
 Aiyi Zhang - Malum (Forbidden Fruit) Necklace III Aiyi Zhang - Malum (Forbidden Fruit) Necklace IV   Aiyi Zhang - Malum (Forbidden Fruit) Necklace IIII
Amy Tyson Knight Sky 1 Amy Tyson Knight Sky 2 Amy Tyson Knight Sky 3
Amy Tyson - Knight Sky I Necklace Amy Tyson - Knight Sky II Necklace Amy Tyson - Knight Sky III Earrings