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Ian Gillespie OBEMany congratulations to JHH Gillespie OBE, known as Ian to his friends, who celebrated his 100th birthday in April 2020. A founder member of ACJ in 1997, he is still making jewellery. Read more about his life, and his jewellery and silversmithing.





The new Kassandra Lauren Gordon Fund for Black Jewellers is now closed for applications, but read more about it here.

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Our 2020 exhibition glasshouses is now open.

View the exhibition here

If possible, please use the application emailed to you with your e-bulletin.

However, if you are applying late on 31st July, you can use this version, copy the whole form, paste into a word doc in landscape page format and save it labelled with your name.

FILLING IN THIS FORM ON THIS WEBSITE IS NOT POSSIBLE, your information will only reach us via the Dropbox link.

Photos and form should be uploaded to this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/FOBzp0Dngqf2hgY1jcSJ












Number of photos sent (max.4)



I agree to ACJ’s published terms and conditions for this exhibition      Yes / No  (delete)


[who took the photo/s?]


I confirm I own the copyright for all images, and give permission to ACJ to publish these photos and use them in publicity

Yes / No  (delete)


Statement: how does this collection relate to the theme glasshouses

A short statement of no more than 2 paragraphs is needed, for use in the online catalogue & publicity. Maximum 100 words




We need clear photos of one or more pieces on a plain white background, showing no more than 3 pieces, 4 images maximum. You may include one model shot if that shows the work better than a product shot. No visible props.

Read the Terms for more details of how the photos should look.

Photos to be in jpg format ONLY, 300dpi with physical size of between 8cm & 15cm longest side, 1Mb max per photo. 

Label each photo with your name, photo number & piece title, (e.g. BrownJ1 Dreamscape studs, BrownJane2 Nightmare cufflinks etc.) 

Unlabelled photos will not be used. Your photos will be used for the catalogue of they are good and clear.

With professional pics add the photo credit (e.g. BrownJane1 Grey Studs photocredit Jason Smith)


Mac users: please do NOT send a .pages or PDF copy of this form, please send a Word .doc or .docx copy. If you need help, ask us.

Details of photos (maximum 4 photos in total)

Image label

Title of piece/s

Materials & techniques

Description (pendant, ring)

Dimensions in cm

Year made or hallmark date

Retail price

eg BrownJ1grey studs

Eg Grey Studs

Eg silver, acrylic, fold-formed

Eg earstuds

Eg 10 x 3 cm

Eg 2019

Eg £100 pair


*Retail price: in case we get queries from customers; however ACJ will NOT make sales through our website, we will direct customers to you.

Save this form with your name eg BrownJane    (reminder, save as a .doc or .docx file)

Email this form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                    Deadline 31st July 2020


Apply: use this link to upload your images and a copy of this form (you do not need a Dropbox account or to log in, it’s a simple upload):