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Our 2020 exhibition glasshouses will open on 21 September. Watch this space!

The new Kassandra Lauren Gordon Fund for Black Jewellers is now closed for applications, but read more about it here.

If possible, please use the application emailed to you with your e-bulletin.

However, if you are applying late on 31st July, you can use this version, copy the whole form, paste into a word doc in landscape page format and save it labelled with your name.

FILLING IN THIS FORM ON THIS WEBSITE IS NOT POSSIBLE, your information will only reach us via the Dropbox link.

Photos and form should be uploaded to this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/FOBzp0Dngqf2hgY1jcSJ












Number of photos sent (max.4)



I agree to ACJ’s published terms and conditions for this exhibition      Yes / No  (delete)


[who took the photo/s?]


I confirm I own the copyright for all images, and give permission to ACJ to publish these photos and use them in publicity

Yes / No  (delete)


Statement: how does this collection relate to the theme glasshouses

A short statement of no more than 2 paragraphs is needed, for use in the online catalogue & publicity. Maximum 100 words




We need clear photos of one or more pieces on a plain white background, showing no more than 3 pieces, 4 images maximum. You may include one model shot if that shows the work better than a product shot. No visible props.

Read the Terms for more details of how the photos should look.

Photos to be in jpg format ONLY, 300dpi with physical size of between 8cm & 15cm longest side, 1Mb max per photo. 

Label each photo with your name, photo number & piece title, (e.g. BrownJ1 Dreamscape studs, BrownJane2 Nightmare cufflinks etc.) 

Unlabelled photos will not be used. Your photos will be used for the catalogue of they are good and clear.

With professional pics add the photo credit (e.g. BrownJane1 Grey Studs photocredit Jason Smith)


Mac users: please do NOT send a .pages or PDF copy of this form, please send a Word .doc or .docx copy. If you need help, ask us.

Details of photos (maximum 4 photos in total)

Image label

Title of piece/s

Materials & techniques

Description (pendant, ring)

Dimensions in cm

Year made or hallmark date

Retail price

eg BrownJ1grey studs

Eg Grey Studs

Eg silver, acrylic, fold-formed

Eg earstuds

Eg 10 x 3 cm

Eg 2019

Eg £100 pair


*Retail price: in case we get queries from customers; however ACJ will NOT make sales through our website, we will direct customers to you.

Save this form with your name eg BrownJane    (reminder, save as a .doc or .docx file)

Email this form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                                                    Deadline 31st July 2020


Apply: use this link to upload your images and a copy of this form (you do not need a Dropbox account or to log in, it’s a simple upload):



In the wake of the most recent instances of racist attacks and police brutality both in the US and here in the UK and the resultant global civil rights movement, the jewellery industry is examining diversity and the systemic challenges facing jewellers of BAME backgrounds and black jewellers in particular.

The Board is discussing ways the ACJ can help to drive change in this respect and the ways in which we can be more proactive in our approach. As we are a membership organisation first and foremost, in addition to our discussions with other industry professionals and organisations, we are turning to you our members to seek guidance and support in our work.

Helena Symes1During the lockdown, ACJ kept members updated with industry news, and set weekly challenges to make jewellery, with an amazing array of responses.


See the collection of articles, and the resulting jewellery here

Marianthi MacDonaldWe are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 ACJ College Prize scheme so far. Details of winners from other colleges to follow.



Image: Marianthi MacDonald, University of Dundee, Skewed perceptions brooch

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Call for Entries: ACJ 2020 exhibition glasshouses      Deadline 31 July

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed
- Ghandi

The most pressing issue of our modern world is that of the climate emergency. With a continually increasing population, diminishing resources and the uncomfortable warming of the planet we call home, we must respond.


Through an exploration of materials, processes and/or concepts you are invited to submit work for the 2020 ACJ exhibition glasshouses. You may wish to consider themes such as growth, sustainability, fragility and transparency.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Vittoria Street Gallery at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham, in September & October, subject to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
There will be an online catalogue, but no printed version. Makers’ own photos will be used.
You can use any materials, but we encourage you to incorporate sustainably sourced and recycled materials. The piece must be wearable body adornment.
This is not a selling exhibition.
ACJ’s usual high expectations of design and making will apply.

31 July Deadline for applications
31 August Selection announced
Mid September: online exibition begins

Costs: application is free. Selected participants will pay £25.00.

The work: a coherent collection of 1 to 3 pieces as a closely related set.

Good clear photos of finished work, on a plain white background.

Deadline 31st July 2020

Terms and conditions of participation

Parameters for submission:
• Clear photos of each piece proposed
• Related to the theme glasshouses
• The pieces must be wearable body adornment
• Maximum of 3 pieces
• A clear connection and relevance between the pieces in your proposed group
• High quality of design & making, as usual with ACJ exhibitions
• Any materials as long as they are not perishable or hazardous

Application procedure: by form and photos uploaded to a special Dropbox link (see the form). We need the best images you can supply, as these will be used in the online catalogue if they are good enough.
Write a short statement of no more than 2 paragraphs /100 words max, for use in publicity.

Photo rules:
• A maximum 4 clear photographs
• Only show your proposed pieces
• Plain white background, NO visible props (no stands, flowers, stones or other items)
• Clear focus, well lit, show the pieces clearly
• Model shots are acceptable IF they clearly show the piece better than a product-type shot.
• Keep to the format requested : jpg only, 300dpi, physical size between 8cm & 15cm longest side. Maximum file size 1Mb.
• Photographs MUST be labelled with your surname & initial, photo number and title of piece. Eg: BrownA 1 carapace ring.jpg
• Unlabelled photos will not be shown at selection

Application is free.
Selected participants will pay £25.

Covid-19 effect: we are not able to stage the physical exhibition due to the venue restrictions, as there will be no public access to the School of Jewellery for some time yet.

This exhibition is for ACJ members. Please make sure that your membership is up to date before applying.

Your application includes acceptance of these terms.

Please use the application form emailed to you with your e-bulletin.

If you haven't got the form and don't have time to ask by email, you can use this form, copy & paste into a word doc.

Small Scale Silversmithing

Excellent technical manual from Frances Julie Whitelaw, the 5th Chair of ACJ

Small scale silversmithing techniques for jewellers

Nolden Bottomley

The exhibition opened at The Lighthouse on 19 February

Opening event: Artist Talks by Simone Nolden & Anne Walker

Please note, The Lighthouse has now been CLOSED to the public

Jesmonite classCity of Glasgow College, March 2020

Connections | Connessioni at The Lighthouse events programme

Tutor Anastasia Young

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Misshapes The Making Of Tatty Devine1

Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine  28 Feb - 31 March 2020, Greenwich University & further venues

Thank you for your donation! This will help us continue our work.

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IMG 4366For those of you who not able to make it to the ACJ’s 22nd Annual General Meeting on the 11th November, a copy of the ACJ Chair, Terry Hunt’s annual report is available here.

Ella Fearon Low Image 3 Yellow Brooch 2016 Low resCongratulations to Ella Fearon-Low and Kerstin Haigh who have been awarded the ACJ's 2019 Creative Development Award!

Image: Ella Fearon-Low, Yellow Brooch (2016) – Brass, silver, steel, hard wood, sea plastic, river stone, vintage pearl, Lucite (Photo: Jocelyn Low)

 making form


by Kenneth Quickenden and Lee Hewett   e-book available

Connections logo draft

AGC | ACJ touring exhibition showing work from two organisations & 50 international jewellers   

Goldsmiths' Centre, London
The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Italy: Livorno & Padua


ACJ members' themed selling show for 2019

Gill Wing Jewellery, London

4 October - 6 November

With origins in dreams, thoughts and the subconscious, a great array of unusual jewellery for sale


Call for Entries

ACJ 2019 Members’ Show at Gill Wing Jewellery
Tales of the subconscious

Gill Wing Jewellery will host a themed selling show of new work in October 2019.
A maximum of 40 ACJ members will each show a small collection of pieces at this well-respected gallery in London.

The theme is Tales of the subconscious
Exploring the magical world of the jeweller's subconscious.
Concepts that have come to you like a bolt from the blue, patterns in forgotten memories or dreamscapes which hold the key to your waking thoughts.
Challenges that reveal their solutions to you in the dead of night, ready to blossom into new designs by day. Your wildest ambitions made into reality. Creations you wondered could ever come to be.
Secret stories of the unconscious mind, an insight into an artist’s psyche, or exaggerations of your everyday anxieties.
We are keen to see work that is colourful, conceptual, mysterious or all of the above.

1st August Deadline for applications
20th August Selection announced
19th Sept Work delivered to Gill Wing, contract & stock sheets supplied
3rd October PV 6.00 to 8.00pm, all welcome
4th October Show open. Mon - Sat 10 - 6, Sun 12 – 6
6th November Last day of opening

Costs: application is free. Selected participants will pay £40, which includes return postage.
Commission: the maker’s price is multiplied by 2.2 (to include VAT).
Pricing: retail prices from £200 to about £1,500, with a majority of lower priced pieces.
The work: a coherent collection of up to 5 pieces made within the last two years, linked to the theme.

Deadline 1st August 2019


Terms and conditions of participation

a maximum of 40 members will be selected and makers notified by 20th August.
A small group of up to 5 related pieces from each maker.

Parameters for submission:
• Clear photos of each piece proposed
• Relatively new work, made in the last two years
• Related to the theme Tales of the subconscious
• A clear connection and relevance between the pieces in your proposed group
• High quality of design & making, as usual with ACJ exhibitions

Application procedure:
A maximum of 5 clear photographs of different pieces to be uploaded to a special Dropbox link (see application form).
A photo of a group of pieces is acceptable, as long as each piece may be clearly seen; in this case send fewer photos.
For selection purposes we don’t need professional images, but make sure that the photos are clear: ensure correct focus, use a plain background (please no grass, flowers, pebbles, stones or confusing background). Model shots are acceptable IF they clearly show the piece better than a product-type shot.
Please try to keep to the format requested in the application form – jpg only, 300dpi, physical size between 8cm & 15cm longest side. Maximum file size 1Mb.
Photographs MUST be labelled with your surname & initial, photo number and title of piece. We regret we cannot use images without appropriate label. Eg BrownA 1 carapace ring.jpg

Up to 5 pieces may be selected, forming a coherent collection.
Your photos may be used for publicity if the standard is high enough, and your permission is part of these terms.
A short statement of no more than 2 paragraphs is needed, for use in publicity.

Display and sales:
Pieces will be sold from the cabinets and taken away by the customer. Not all pieces will be initially displayed, some will be kept in storage to replace sold pieces.
The right to withdraw or not display work rests with Gill Wing Jewellery staff. Pieces of a poor standard or those not initially selected may be returned to the maker.
The work is supplied by the maker on a sale or return basis.

The participation fee is £40, to be paid to ACJ by 7th September latest, or the work will not be displayed.
This includes return postage of up to £10 per maker (Special Delivery, insured). For return postage totalling more than £10 (including return of any rejected pieces), the excess above £10 will be charged to the maker concerned; this is in case of very high insurance or large or heavy parcels.
Makers will pay their own delivery/ postage costs to the Gallery.

Commission: Gill Wing Jewellery will mark up your stated maker’s price (trade/ wholesale/ artist price) by 2.2, to include their commission and VAT. So if your maker price is £100.00, retail will be £220.00. (The gallery will get £83.33, VAT is £36.67)
There is a clause to allow up to 10% discount on the retail price to close the sale, split between Gill Wing Jewellery & the maker – in this case you would receive 90% of your maker price.
(10% discount on £220 means £198.00, divide by 2.2 = £90.00, the Gallery would get £75 with VAT being £33.00).

Pricing: A selection of price points is advised, from £200 to approx. £1,500 retail. A lower price is allowed for a small number of pieces. Most pieces should be in the £200 to £500 range.

Payment: Makers will be paid for sold work within eight weeks of the end of the show (ie by mid January).

Branding: the makers’ contact details, logo and packaging will not be shown by Gill Wing Jewellery. Packaging of sold work will be the Gallery’s own. Do not send business cards, do not put contact details on labels.

Stock sheet and labelling: makers will provide a stock sheet and each piece sent should have a small tag label with your initials, stock number and retail price.

Sending your parcel: Since your own boxes will not be used, secure and protective parcelling is needed. Please do NOT use polystyrene ‘peanuts’ or an excess of sticky tape. Individual poly bags or bubble wrap with masking tape should suffice. The outer box should be sturdy, and will be used to return work. Do not include business cards or display materials. Do include a stock list (to be provided).

Hallmarking: standard British Hallmarking regulations apply.

Your application includes acceptance of these terms.
The selected makers will provide stock sheets and sign a contract with Gill Wing Jewellery.

Application forms will be emailed to members. Ask for one if you haven't received yours : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.