Mirka Janeckova

Mirka Janeckova
White is the colour associated with cleanliness, virginity, empty space, heavenly, but also sterility or even death. For me it is the freedom to materialize objects without any preconceptions. It is also colour of fragility and hidden secrets. It is like walking in the fog where you just guess the shapes in front of you. Everything is suddenly still and alien.
White light contains all the others colour of the spectrum so for me it is a symbol of the unity.
I see my jewellery as a container for wearer’s emotions, memories and hopes. For creating my recent work I was also inspired by surrealism and indigenous cultures. Surrealism developed unique techniques how to visually access subconscious layers of the human mind as automatic drawing or collages. I was using these as design process to create shapes not inspired by the outside world but the inner one. My pieces refer to the body in an abstract way, exploring the relationship between humans and their subconscious mind.
I am concentrating on using only ‘white’ materials as porcelain, silver, aluminium and textile. I started to experiment with hybrid metal-porcelain jewellery. Porcelain is a great material for jewellery. It could appear very fragile but actually it is very durable with hardness 6 on Mohs scale (same as garnets for example). I am developing an innovative ways of applying traditional metalsmith techniques onto porcelain such as casting porcelain in place and cloisonné enamel on porcelain.
'Material Matters' - exhibition is part of the ECU Metals Symposium, USA (January 2014)
'Unite' - Diana Porter Gallery, Bristol (February, March 2014)
'Rising Stars' - touring exhibition organised by New Ashgate Gallery (March, May, June 2014)
'Gift'ed', Mano Gallery, Taiwan, 2nd Dec - January 2014
'Five Elements', Nov - Dec 2013, Gill Wing Jewellery, London
Arte Expo, Oslo, Norway - 14th Nov - December
Desire Fair - exhibited under ''Ones to Watch'', November 15-17 2013, Winchester
Beijing International Art Jewellery Bienalle
Darkness Descends, Cursley&Bond
New Designers, London
Glasgow School of Art Degree Show
Carried Away - group jewellery exhibition, The Art School gallery, Glasgow
2012 Contemporary jewellery Low Cost, CYAN, Lisboa, Portugal
Touch – group jewellery exhibition, Skypark gallery, Glasgow
2011 Ceramics in Jewellery - group jewellery exhibition, NSCAD, Halifax, Canada
Show and Sale – group jewellery exhibition, Seeds Gallery, Halifax, Canada
Affectivity – group jewellery exhibition, Atrium gallery, Glasgow
2010 Lovely Cuddly – solo jewellery exhibition, The Art School gallery, Glasgow
Pacemaker – group jewellery exhibition, Atrium gallery, Glasgow
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Hair Brooches
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Drawing Neclace
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