Dawn Meaden-Johnson
07703 287640
Dawn Meaden-Johnson: Creative Brand is Dawnstorm

Anodised Aluminium & Silver Jewellery

Highly three dimensional.Geometric shape and observations of architecture feature heavily and her work demonstrates provocative colour blocking or subtle tones. Design is concerned by the interaction between every day and wearable sculpture.


A graduate Silversmith of Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, Dawn was introduced to Anodised Aluminium in 2008. Excited by its potential she adapted her design style and traditional Silversmith techniques to made Anodised Aluminium her principal metal for creating jewellery for her Dawnstorm creative brand.

A keen advocate of British design Dawn is also a training consultant who founded The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company to encourage good professional practice, facilitate courses and support UK Jewellery designer-makers and Silversmiths.

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Image 1
Imagine Brooch : Aluminium & Silver
Image 2
Geo Necklet : Anodised Aluminium
Image 3
Neon Pendant : Anodised Aluminium & Silver