William Sharp

William Sharp
I am a Glasgow based Jeweller and recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, my work specializes in CAD, 3D Printing and Casting. My graduate collection named The Montieren Collection (Montieren translates from German to Assemble) takes influence from German product design focusing particularly on the Bauhaus movement. The collection incorporates a minimalist aesthetic with hidden mechanisms that allow the jewellery to be adaptable giving the wearer the opportunity to interact and adapt the pieces to suit. I have also made work that contains multiple pieces of jewellery in one. The collection has been made using sustainable materials and small amounts of cast silver have been introduce to the designs as finishing details.
2019 - Upcoming

Marzee International Graduate Show - Galerie Marzee - Nijmegen

Shine 2019 - Goldsmiths Centre - London

Kath Libbert New Graduate Exhibition - Kath Libbert - Saltaire, Bradford

2019 - Past

New Designers - Business Design Center - London

Degree Show - The Glasgow School of Art - Glasgow


Handmade By Machines - Dundee Contemporary Arts - Nether Gate, Dundee

Facets - The Art School - Scott Street, Glasgow


Tekhne-logy - The Art School - Scott Street, Glasgow


Order Disorder -The Glasgow School of Art - Renfrew Street, Glasgow
Image 1
Industrial Frame Necklace
Image 2
2in1 Brooch with Earrings