Jariet Oloyé

Jariet Oloyé
Based in London, Jariet is an artist driven by material, process, techniques, and a strong believe that our surroundings influence every aspect of our lives. She work with recyclable earth-friendly materials, both metals and glass, creating thought-provoking sculptural form jewellery and objects that explores the sweet serenity of public spaces. She also explore the intrinsic relationship of metal and glass, 'The alchemy, parallel and hot fusion of both medium'. She experiment and developed her own metal alloy which she successfully mix with glass and kiln-cast into aesthetic form of art objects in abstract colours, patterns, and texture depicting the beauty of nature and our natural world.
Image 1
'Architectural Bangle' Kiln-Cast Recycled Lead-free glass and gilding metal
Image 2
'Beauty of Nature Bangle' Kiln-Cast Recycled Lead-free glass and metal alloy
Image 3
'Lavender Blue Opera Necklace' Kiln-Cast Recycled Lead-free glass, Metal Alloy and Sterling Silver