kathryn Marchbank

kathryn Marchbank
Birmingham, West Midlands.
I have always been a maker.
I am a dedicated jewellery and objects practitioner, lecturer and technician. In my roles I enjoy demonstrating and teaching the use of machinery, hand tools and processes in metal, some plastic, wood and found media. I provide support in exploring how to manage materials for use in their projects. This involves drawing and model making, problem solving, cold and hot working techniques and processes. My hand making and machine skills are based in metal with wood and plastics.
I have done commission based work and collaborative projects with; the Southbank centre designing products based upon the centre and social landscape; Sadler’s Wells Breakdance Festival and designing and editorial work London Fashion Week.
My practice has been evolving to become more closely connected to emotional values communicated in graphic motifs, colour and text. Recent work has focussed on feelings, thoughts and imagining’s connected with how we might communicate emotional desire.
My process begins with a drawing or photograph then using Adobe Illustrator to play and make graphic refinement. The patterns develop over time, the process results in revealing motifs amongst the shaped spaces removed to form them. I have been using laser cut and ink printed wood, metal and recycled elements. Through layering patterned wood sheet, I find beauty and meaning in the emergence of a form as it evolves during hand shaping. This process has evolved by bringing together my long-lasting interest in two-dimensional graphics and three dimensional objects. In a wider context my practice leads me to make value connections; materially, culturally, and socially. I continue to be fascinated by values, those which shape us and those by which we shape the world around us.
2016 SELECTED -ITAMI International Craft Exhibition and Catalogue
2015 Certificate of Excellence, Arts & Crafts Design Award, Arts Domain
2010 Brilliantly Birmingham, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
2007 Chorokbaemn Art center, MCC, Seoul, Korea
2004 Looking Over My Shoulder –Lesley Craze Gallery, London.UK
2003 Brilliantly Birmingham - Art Lounge/The Mailbox, UK
2003 Solo Showcase -Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Yorkshire.UK
2002 Distinto/Distinct -Hypotesi Gallery, Barcelona & Kath Libbert, Yorkshire. UK
2002 Inhorgenta -Crafts Council, Munich, Germany
2001 Charity Fashion show -The Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham.UK
2000 Brilliantly Birmingham –No.9 Gallery & Hippodrome Theatre
2001 Inhorgenta -Crafts Council, Munich, Germany
2000 Brilliantly Birmingham –No.9 Gallery & Hippodrome Theatre, Birmingham.UK
2000 Summer-Kath Libbert Jewellery, Yorkshire.UK
1999 A Contemporary Mix -Gallery 27, London.UK
B.1975 Barnt Green, Birmingham
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