Leanne Bunce
Norwich Art Studios
27b Bedford Street
0783 7587632
GWYDR carefully selects glass that will produce the best results for their jewellery designs. English Antique Glass features in many of their designs - 'antique', not because of its age, but because it's handmade using methods that are thousands of years old. The glass can have a variety of thicknesses and colours within one sheet. It has textures and bubbles and is often clear with a coloured glaze to the back. This gives depth to GWYDR jewellery, producing shadows within the glass from the silver designs applied over it.

GWYDR make wearable pendant designs in a wide variety of colours. They also make cufflinks and are presently working on a line of pendants for men.

Though Leanne works with silver (using the GWYDR Hallmark) she describes herself as a stained glass artist, and not a silversmith. Rather than edge her pieces with silver metalworking she has customised a copper foil and soldering technique to apply a mix of molten tin and silver to the perimeters of the glass shapes she cuts. The ability to flow metal to any shape affords her to be unrestrained when cutting the glass that will form the canvas to her twirled silver designs. Once the glass is cut and its edges are ground smooth, a marriage takes place between glass and silver as sterling silver wire is bent and wrought to become one with the glass. There is a sense of immediacy and belonging - each pendant made in the moment and yet intended.


Desire Jewellery & Silversmithing Fair - London / Winchester - 2009, 2010, 2011
Wales Millennium Centre - Cardiff - 2009, 2010, 2011
Art, Craft & Design Show - Newmarket - 2009
Art & Contemporary Designer Craft Show - London - 2009

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Image 1
Stained glass cufflinks with sterling silver backs
Image 2
Stained glass pendant with disc bail
Image 3
Red stained glass pendant