Coast & City

Cara Codd
Handmade, One of a Kind Jewellery. Enamel fold formed Silver & Copper, chunky chain, crocheted natural cotton ropes. Presenting Bold Statement Earrings & Neckpieces. Inspired by the patinas, textures, beauty and decay of the British Coastline and Urban Landscape.
One of a kind statement jewellery (wearable sculpture), inspired by holidays and trips my family and I have taken around the UK. Growing up in Birkenhead and studying in Sunderland, both shipbuilding & seafaring areas, has heavily influenced my work. Patinas, textures and forms found in these areas, such as rusty chains, barnacle encrusted rocks, seaweed swept up on the beach, provide inspiration for large style earrings and neckpieces. Making jewellery from metal is my first love, but I also incorporate vitreous enamel, recycled plastic, gemstones, crochet, knitting and fold forming, as I like to combine traditional crafts with more modern processes and materials. These influences and processes come together to produce unique and limited ranges of jewellery that evoke a sense or memory of place.
Image 1
Lariat Wrap Quay Chain Necklace in Turquoise
Image 2
Quay Chain Earrings - Rust
Image 3
From the Sea- Seaweed Earrings