Katie Owen

Katie Owen
My work responds specifically to abandoned and overlooked industrial structures situated on the outskirts of towns and cities, referred to as ‘Edgelands’. These often decaying spaces negate their original function, become symbolic of industrial entropy, and provoke questions of curiosity. My pieces involve multiple, interchangeable parts and it is through the construction of these pieces that I address questions such as; why have they been left in this state? How long for? What is their story? What could they become?

The potential narratives and histories of these spaces which lie on paths connecting us on our routine journeys on foot, by car or train, fascinate me. It is the ability of the individual components to exist as both the displayed and wearable object that encourages interaction between the pieces and the wearer who plays the final role in the overall creation of these narratives.

We navigate through these ‘Edgelands’, leaving behind transient marks and fragments which are translated directly into my enamel jewellery through the technical firing process
- 'Rooted in Practice', Craft on the Bay, Cardiff - September 2018
- 'Art in the Hall', Carmarthenshire - August 2018
- '40 Years of Here', Oriel Henry Thomas at Carmarthen School of Art - February 2018

- Group exhibition at Greenspace gallery, Carmarthen - 2016

- 'Dan Yr Wyneb' work featured in an exhibition curated by Peter Bodenham for the National Eisteddfod of Wales - August 2014
- 'Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook' with work exhibited at Madrid Joya, Joya and Espijoya - 2014
- 'Spring/Summer show' - Cabinet Gallery, Edinburgh - April 2014
- 'Collectanea' - Oriel Henry Thomas, Carmarthen College of Art - January 2014
- 'Graduate show' - King Street Gallery, Carmarthen - January 2014
- 'Graduate showcase' - Craft in the Bay, Cardiff - November 2013 until January 2014
- 'Portal Series' – Llantarnam Grange and Oriel Davies - September 2013 until January 2014

- New Designers - London - July 2013
- 'Flotsam and Jetsam' - Oriel Bach, Mumbles - July 2013
- ‘Materia Medica', group exhibition by staff and students at Carmarthen ArtCollege - National Botanical Garden, Wales - 2013
Image 1
Marchlands I, enamelled brooch series
Image 2
Hinterland, brooch with interchangeable componants
Image 3
Hinterland, long necklace with interchangeable componants