Samantha English

Samantha Dewar-English
Samantha English B.A (Hons), MA, is a jewellery maker, metal worker and artist.

Samantha explores ways throughout her process to adapt and disregard perceived and accepted ways of making with metal. She seeks to corrupt the fragility of the materials and the expected perfection of jewellery.

Embracing creative freedom via manipulation with heat and tools, Samantha puts the memory of the making into the metals through the process of damage and disruption, capturing what supposed rules of making would seek to erase, repair or perfect. The corruption of the metal is now held within the form of jewellery.

Samantha is part of The Makers’ Art Collective. The Makers’ Art Collective, is an organisation formed in April 2019, to provide a platform for MA graduates from the ‘University for the Creative Arts’, Farnham, to work together as artists and practitioners within a multi-disciplined arena.
August 2019 James Hockey Gallery UCA Farnham (metal work)
August - September 2019 Oxmarket Gallery Chichester (jewellery)
September 2019 Gallery@OXO Oxo Tower Wharf (jewellery and metal work)
Image 1
Precious Imperfections necklace
Image 2
Precious Imperfections rings
Image 3
Precious Imperfections bangles