Sandra Tepla
East Sussex
Before embarking on working as an ethical jeweller, Tepla specialised in
one-of-a-kind jewellery across a wide variety of techniques and mediums.
Some of her retrospective pieces are still available to buy.

Today she likes the challenge of working with the finest eco friendly
materials- from recycled and argentium silver to organic cotton and
cord-some of them not the immediately obvious choices for jewellery.

Alarmed by crassness of commercialism and an over producing society,
concerned for the environment, Tepla believes that education and inspiration
are key to motivate people and businesses to act and adopt a greater
sense of responsibility towards our planet.

Sourcing materials with consideration to their origin, the way they were
produced and their impact on the environment, human health
and well being is of utmost importance.
Using materials, processes and tools that are non toxic and free of animal
cruelty and derivatives in her studio, Sandra wishes to create jewellery
for the discerning customer including vegans.
TEPLA has been awarded the PETA Approved Logo in August 2017.
Her studio is powered by renewable energy supplier, print under taken locally by eco printing company, recycled and recyclable packaging sourced locally.

Whilst using the finest ethical materials, Tepla aims to shift the idea of
preciousness away from an object's material value to the concept
and the experience of wearing it.

Sandra translates little things from her surroundings into her jewellery,
she loves new ideas and approaches and letting her mind run wild.

Tepla believes in:

Expression of identity for both the wearer and the maker

No human or animal oppression in this day and age


Sustainable approach to fashion- Less is more and having fewer
quality pieces in your wardrobe is more environmentally sound

Using classic metalsmithing techniques to realize limited
editions and one-of-a-kind concepts Tepla produces bodies of work
that explore her fascination with the world and
concerns the society faces today.


2ND-3RD DECEMBER 2017 Christmas Market, Brighton Racecourse, Brighton, UK
26TH NOVEMBER 2017 Brighton Vegan Festival, Grand Hotel, Brighton, UK
8TH OCTOBER 2017 Brighton Viva! Vegan Festival, Hilton Hotel Metropole, Brighton, UK
16TH JUNE-20TH AUGUST 2017 100 Artists - 11 Countries, Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, UK
2017 Autor, Contemporary Jewellery Fair, Bucharest, Romania
2016 Omega Studio, St Leonards on Sea, UK
2016 Entwined, Galerie K, Pardubice, Czech Republic
2015 Atomic Visions, The Showcase, London: Duo show, UK
2015 NumberNinetyFour, London, UK
2015 The 'smiths pop up, London, UK
2015 Made Black, Tulipanovy Mesic, Prague, Czech Republic
2015 City Lit, London, UK
2015 The Corner Shop, London, UK
2014 Entwined, Kus Kovu, Prague: Solo show, Czech Republic
2012 City Lit, London, UK
2011 City Lit, London, UK


Sandra Tepla (born 1986 in Czech Republic) has lived and worked in
London since 2006. She showed an interest in craft and art early
in her life and began making jewellery in her teenage years.
She studied jewellery design in London 2009-2012 at the City Lit.
Her collections are made using traditional hand fabrication
techniques and are inspired by natural world, architecture.

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Primus Earrings
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