Emine Mine Thompson
Emine, who established Silverkupe, is a new designer/maker of silver, copper and concrete jewellery. She works from her studio in Tyneside.

Emine works with precious metal clay and is learning traditional silversmithing techniques. She has a background in design and 3D modelling and her pieces reflect architectural and minimalist motifs. She also draws inspiration from the richness of Turkish culture, which combines eastern and western design elements.

Her jewellery features distinctive textures and patinas; she often combines flat and polished surfaces within her designs. Emine likes to try diverse precious metal clay techniques such as Mokume Gane and mixing different materials to achieve unique high end-products. Every new piece she creates is an experiment and as her style evolves she pushes her own creative boundaries.

More Images

Image 1
Heart where the home is - Fine silver pendant with sterling silver chain
Image 2
Cityscape 2- Fine silver pendant with sterling silver chain
Image 3
Holes - Fine silver earrings with sterling silver earring hooks