Sophia Georgiopoulou
Seattle, USA
A Byzantinist turned goldsmith in 2004, Sophia Georgiopoulou of Kosmimata works in traditional jewelllery materials as well as found objects and iron fused with gold.


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Niche Awards 2013 Finalist
Niche Awards 2013 Winner, Chiaroscuro Necklace
Commendation, CPAA 2013-2014 International Pearl Design Contest for the Bombay Bunch Necklace

Earthly Delights: Metalsmiths Inspired by Nature, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, 25 April, 2014 - June 1, 2014


In spring 2004, Sophia Georgiopoulou gave up teaching and academia to become a goldsmith. Her love and fascination with jewelry needed to be translated into something concrete and tangible. So she took classes, apprenticed with a master jeweler, and in December 2010 her studio "Kosmimata" was born.

Kosmimata are unique, hand fabricated pieces, designed by her (after a lot of research and study) and made by her in her studio without the help of any assistants. Once a unique piece is sold, she may hand fabricate the same design but always with slight differences that make it new and one of a kind; no two Kosmimata pieces are ever the same. Even earrings belonging to a pair are one offs.

Kosmimata pieces bear the traces of her hands and of the tools that made them. Each jewel records Sophia's journey toward the making an heirloom piece that will communicate to its new keeper a sense of beauty that lasts through time.

More Images

Image 1
Timeless Meditation - Sterling silver, 18k gold, garnets, silk; sand cast (the centre piece) from a piece antique lace, hand pierced silver backing, riveted, hand strung and knotted, hand finished
Image 2
Shard Brooch - Victorian brass watchcock, pottery shard, 18k gold, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, silk; hand fabricated sterling silver bezel and 18k gold bead, riveted, stamped, hand strung
Image 3
Recuerdo III - 24k gold,18k gold, 14k gold, sterling silver, deer antler, ruby, rhodolite garnet, smoky quartz, ruby briolette; hand fabricated